The application for the Summer 2016 internship will be available in the Spring 2016 semester. 

Summer Internship Opportunities in Korea

     The Korean language and literature program offers a short-term internship opportunity for students taking a Korean class. This is a non-credit, unpaid one-month summer program that combines intensive Korean language training and volunteer work. Selected students will be sent to Tongmyung University in Busan or Nonsan Daegeon High School in Nosan. Room and board will be provided by the host institutions. For further information, please contact Dr. Hyangsoon Yi (, Director of the Korean Language and Literature.

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Student Reviews (Summer 2015 Internship in Korea)

Allison (Senior, Linguistics)

I had the best summer as an intern at Tongmyong University. I got to improve my Korean language skills, meet and make many Korean friends, and make really good friendships with other University of Georgia students.

Jacob (Senior, Physics)
The internship allowed me to meet new people from different countries. Busan is a great city to live in. Both its beaches and food are amazing.

Ariel (Junior, World Language Education)
I thought that this internship was an amazing new experience. I would do this internship again in a heartbeat.

Asad (Alumni, International Affairs)
Overall, I enjoyed the experience. The dorm, the food, and the homestay were all excellent, and I especially appreciated that the faculty and staff consistently went out of their way to make sure we were comfortable.

Jennifer (Senior, Englsih)
When reflecting on my internship, it is difficult to the find words to express how much this experience allowed me to learn and mature. I will carry the memories I made from this internship with me throughout the rest of my life.