USSH leaders welcomed representatives of the University of Georgia, US

Associate Dean Noel Fallows and Dr. Hyangsoon Yi visited Vietnam National University in Ho Chi Minh City in January, 2015 to discuss a possible student exchange between the two universities.

An article was posted on this visit on the VUN website:



USSH Leaders welcomed representatives of the University of Georgia, US.


On January 12th 2015,  Dr. Le Huu Phuoc, Vice President and MA. Bang Anh Tuan, the Head of the Office of International Cooperation and Project Development had a meeting with the delegation from the University of Georgia including Professor Noel Fallows – Associate Dean of the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences and Dr. Hyangsoon Yi, Director of the Center for Asian Studies.

Dr. Le Huu Phuoc presented his warm greetings to the delegation of University of Georgia and gave a brief overview of the University of Social Sciences and Humanities and the faculty of Vietnamese studies. Mr. Bang Anh Tuan summarized international cooperation programs with USSH’s partners with focus on American partners and suggested cooperative possibilities between the two institutions.

Professor Noel Fallows gave an introduction of the University of Georgia and the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences and the Center for Asian Studies as well. He also expressed his appreciation for the suggested cooperation possibilities of the two universities by taking the first step of having an MOU signed as the legal basis for the development of international cooperation activities.


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Photo: The token gift exchange (from left to right: Dr. Le Huu Phuoc; Prof. Noel Fallows)


Regarding the specific cooperation programs, the University of Georgia is willing to co-organize with USSH 1) short-term programs for students of the University of Georgia to study and learn about Vietnam and Vietnamese language 2) internship program in Vietnam for interested students of the University of Georgia. The two partners also discussed the scholarship support for Vietnamese students to study and research at the University of Georgia. Dr. Le Huu Phuoc expressed his appreciation and welcomed the students of the University of Georgia to study at the faculty of Vietnamese studies of USSH and confirmed that USSH would create favorable learning and researching conditions for University of Georgia’s students.